Extending Switch Controlled Outlets to Other Outlets in the Room

In the traditional American living room there are no light fixtures, light is provided purely from lamps. To accommodate this, one of the outlets is controlled by a light switch on the wall. Unfortunately, it generally takes several lamps to light the room and you end up having to flip the light switch to turn on one lamp and walk over to the other lamps to switch them on. It really isn’t a big deal, but it can be annoying. My solution was extend to light switch controlled outlet to the other outlets in the room through a wireless transmitter and relays on the other outlets.

The backbone behind this whole project is a cheap wireless receiver/transmitter pair, at only a few dollars a piece. Processing is done through a PIC16F688 microprocessor, a mechanical relay is used to turn on and off the outlet, and a nice plastic enclosure hides all of the parts and provides either a pass through outlet, for the transmitting enclosure, or a relay controlled outlet, for the receiving enclosure.

In essence, the transmitting box is plugged into the outlet controlled receptacle and when the outlet is turned on, by the light switch, the circuit powers up and begins transmitting a signal. The receiver is plugged in across the room and constantly powered. It simply waits for the signal and flips the relay when it receives it. When the light switch is turned on, the transmitter loses power, the signal stops being transmitted, and the receiver turns the relay off. Additionally, the receiver has a small button which can be used to manually turn on or off the relay.



All it takes is a simple flip of a light switch, and all the lights in the room turn on!

5 thoughts on “Extending Switch Controlled Outlets to Other Outlets in the Room

  1. Jason,

    What you built is exactly what I’ve been trying to find. Would you be willing to share some more details of your design? I’d really like to reproduce it for my own home. I’m pretty handy with a soldering iron, but I’m inexperienced at circuit design. Please email me if you’re willing to share.

    Thank you!

  2. Jason,
    I have been searching online for hours for this exact solution before coming across your project. I would be interested in learning more about your design in the hopes of building my own.


    • Dan,

      The overall concept is simple; however, making it reliable and keeping the cost low made the implementation difficult. At this time, I don’t have a low cost transmitter/receiver pair that I would recommend for a project like this. If in the future if I come up with an idea that is both cheap and reliable I will let you know.


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  4. Have you been able to work this out yet? (Hopefully). This is a great idea. I have a light switch at one end of my room, which controls the power outlet just below it, but my lamp is on the other side of the room where it is needed. Carrying a remote control around, or taping a remote control to the wall, is not practical and clumsy.
    I have want a setup that would allow me to use the light switch to activate a transmitter plugged into the power outlet on this end, to send a signal to a receiver which is plugged into an outlet on the other end of the room and my lamp plugged into the receiver. With the lamp left On, the receiver would then send power to the lamp and there would be light, when the light switch is turned Off, the receiver would turn Off the power flow and the lamp would turn Off.

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