A Wooden Box

About a year ago I bought some oak to make a small box. Last week, I finally started working on the box. Not being a carpenter, I had a lot of hesitation going into the project. While a fairly simple project, there was still plenty of ways to mess up.

The box I built is about 5 1/2″ x 3″ x 9 1/2″, just big enough to hold stack of DVDs or even a VHS tape! I used a box joint on the walls of the box and added a grove for a sliding lid. The bottom rests in a grove and will be glued in place. It was originally going to rest in a slot as well, but due to a slight mistake which reduced the height a half inch I decided that glueing it in place would be sufficient.

To cut the box joints, I used a 3/4″ router bit and built a jig to hold the sides vertically in place up against a guide. I cut the first notch in each board and then shifted the board so the notch was in the guide and cut the next. Traditionally a dado blade set on a table saw would be used instead of a router, but the same type of jig would be employed.

My box definitely is far from perfect, but for my first one, it looks pretty good. With the exception of the bottom piece, it holds itself together without any glue. I plan on giving it a good sanding and a nice finish. Below are pictures on the nearly completed box.


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